Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teal On - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign

We recently found a cancer awareness campaign on Facebook that truly caught our attention. We have all heard of the various types of cancer but haven't thought about Ovarian cancer and we are sure that most woman out there don't have enough information about this "silent killer". What we love about this campaign is that they want to educate and bring this cancer into the spotlight so us woman can be aware of how important it is to listen to your body for any signs that could save your life.

Here is a little glimpse of the campaign and please be sure to check the facebook page out :


Brought to you by CanSurvive and Fustany.com


September marks the Ovarian Cancer awareness month worldwide, this year CanSurvive and Fustany.com have joined forces to launch ‘Teal On’. It is an initiative to raise awaren
ess about Ovarian Cancer, the 9th most common cancer that hits women and the 5th leading cause of cancer death globally. Moreover, Ovarian Cancer is also known as ‘The Silent Killer’ as it’s usually discovered in its later stages.

Driven by the lack of information about Ovarian Cancer in the Egyptian society, ‘Teal On’ provides education about Ovarian Cancer, its symptoms, diagnosis and risk factors in an innovative way aiming to spread the cause and impact the highest possible number of women.

“We can help you detect and cure Ovarian Cancer,” said Dr. Mohsen Mokhtar, Chairman of CanSurvive. He added, “This is what ‘Teal On’ is all about; helping women recognize symptoms and encouraging them to get anything out of the ordinary checked.”

Furthermore Amira Azzouz, Founder and Editor in Chief of Fustany.com said, “Our aim with ‘Teal On’ is to increase awareness about Ovarian Cancer and highlight the importance of early detection as the survival rate is more than 93% if the disease was identified at an early stage. We are also pleased to have young and successful businesses in Egypt collaborate together to spread awareness about such an important cause, a great way to start a Teal movement!”

‘Teal On’ is honored to be partnering with Al Sagheer Group, amuse lifestyle concept store, BLOW! Creative Agency, Hoffman la Roche, Nola Cupcakes,The Fashion Studio, Studio Nou and MO4 Network (Cairo Scene, Cairo Zoom, Greater Than Fashion, Tazkarty and The Scenario) to raise additional awareness of the cause.


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